Kategorie-Bild: 1:32 Figuren (Spur 1) für Slotracing Rennstrecken und Diorama

Modelmaking & Diorama

Our collection of miniature figures in 1:24 scale is perfect for model making, dioramas, model railways, slot racing tracks such as the Carrera track and garden railways. Also suitable as an addition to tuning models in 1:24 scale, this scale is versatile and can be used for authentic miniature worlds.

Each figure is delivered unpainted and with supporting structures.

These are model building or diorama accessories and not toys . Our products are not suitable for children .

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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of miniature figures, miniatures and miniature furniture and miniature decoration in 1:24 scale! These unique accessories are specially designed for passionate model builders, owners of model railways or garden railways, as well as diorama enthusiasts and collectors of model cars.

We offer a wide range of miniature figures and miniature furniture in 1:24 scale, perfect for diorama and model building projects. They enable the creation of authentic scenery and detailed miniature worlds around model cars, garden railways or model trains. Originally from the USA, this scale is particularly popular in the area of ​​tuning models, such as those from Jada.

The 1:24 scale is also interesting for model builders of military vehicles and military kits, for example from Italerie or ICM. The scale is also used in the area of ​​aircraft model building.

The 1:24 scale is also used in the construction of plastic static models. Renowned manufacturers such as Tamiya from Japan, Fujimi, Hasewaga and Revell offer outstanding models in this scale. Our miniature figures are also suitable for use with models from Monogram and Tamiya as well as from Danbury and Franklin Mint. The 1:24 scale is also used in the area of ​​American model railways (Delton Mfg. or Aristocraft).

Discover the versatility of our 1:24 scale miniature figures and immerse yourself in the world of diorama, model car, model railway or garden railway projects with precision and realism in every scene.

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