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How are the figures delivered?

The figures are always delivered with support structures and unpainted.

Why are the figures shipped with support structures?

The support structures are production-related. You can easily remove them with fine pliers. The support structures protect sensitive parts of the miniatures during transport. They allow us to process and package the figures more quickly and ultimately offer them at a lower price.

How can I remove the supports?

You can remove the support structures with fine, sharp pliers, for example.
The figures are delivered on a common base plate. First separate the figures by separating the base plate between the figures,
so that you can access the support structures from all sides with a single figure.
Then cut the support structures right off the base plate. If they are no longer connected to the neighboring supports, the structures lose stability.
Then remove the support structures on the figure itself. You can carefully loosen large areas by hand. However, use fine pliers, especially on sensitive parts of the figure, to prevent them from breaking off.
For larger models, you can carefully blast the entire model with a warm (not hot!) hair dryer. This softens the material and the support structures detach from the model almost by themselves.
Care should be taken with fine structures or small models. Heating can cause the model to soften too much and become damaged upon detachment.

What colors and what equipment do I need to paint the miniatures?


To paint the figures, we recommend matt acrylic paints and the use of high-quality model paints (1)-(4).
Alternatively, you can also paint the figures with a slightly cheaper variant, the "hardware store colors" (5)-(6).
The advantage of model making paints is that the colors cover much better and you can apply paint to the models more sparingly.
With the hardware store colors there is a risk that fine details on the figures will be covered by the thicker layer of paint.
The consistency of the modeling colors allows you to work much more precisely. Personally, we recommend using it despite the higher acquisition costs
of the higher-quality modeling paints.

In order to create great effects on the figures and to work out details, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the topics of shadowing and highlighting, for example via YouTube tutorials.
The normal model building colors (1)-(2) use separate colors to create the shadows and highlights and you have to paint the figure multiple times to create these effects:
first with the base color, then you add the shadows and finally the highlights. You need at least three different colors.
This process can be simplified by using Speed ​​Paint colors (3)-(4).
With one coat you can paint both base color, shadows and highlights at the same time and thus save some time.

(1) Starter Set TheArmyPainter (small) *

(2) Starter Set The ArmyPainter (large) *

(3) Speedpaint TheArmyPainter (small) *

(4) Speedpaint TheArmyPainter (large) *

(5) Liquitex medium *

(6) Liquitex large *

primer spray
We advise you to prime each miniature before you start painting.
You can quickly apply a primer in spray form (7) to the figures and it gives the colors good hold and an even surface.

(7) Primer Spray (white) *

Paint brush

The brush size you choose depends on the size of the character to be painted. You can paint smaller figures (scale 1/32 and smaller) with the following brush set (8).
The brushes are inexpensive and the set offers different sizes to try. You can use the included flat brush for dry brushing and thus for setting the highlights.

(8) Fine brush set *

wet range:

The Wet Palette (9) is a palette that you can use to mix and prepare the colors. It can be closed and ensures that the paint inside does not dry out.
You can not only use them for mixing, but also for the correct dosage on the brush. Since the color lasts longer, you use less color overall.
A wet palette is particularly useful if you want to mix colors and use them several times. It is very difficult to get the exact same shade when remixing.

(9) wet plate *

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