75mm Figuren: mittelalterliche und historische Minis, Ritter, Stadtbewoher, Kämpfer und viele mehr

Modelmaking & Diorama

Discover our fascinating collection of artistically designed 75mm miniature figurines that capture the essence of the Middle Ages. From proud fighters to blacksmiths, weavers and lumberjacks to nobles, our collection offers a wide variety. These 3D printed masterpieces are perfect for collectors and creative painters to capture the beauty of medieval life. Immerse yourself in the world of 75mm figures and expand your collection!

Each figure is delivered unpainted and with supporting structures.

These are model building or diorama accessories and not toys . Our products are not suitable for children .

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Welcome to our fascinating collection of 75mm scale miniature figurines, a modern ode to miniature art! Artfully designed, 3D printed masterpieces await you here, capturing the essence of the Middle Ages and igniting your imagination.

Discover a variety of medieval fighters in 75mm, including proud swordsmen, horsemen and brave foot soldiers, skilled archers and majestic standard bearers. Each character tells their own story and captures the dynamics of the medieval battle.

But that is not all! Our collection also includes the inhabitants of a medieval village. Experience the daily hustle and bustle of blacksmiths working diligently at their anvils, weavers producing artistic fabrics, lumberjacks doing their hard work, and discover children's play. Immerse yourself in the flavors of a medieval village with bakers, shoemakers and experience the elegance of the nobility.

Whether you are a collector of 75mm minis looking to recreate the battlefields of the Middle Ages, or a creative painter looking to capture the beauty of medieval, historic village life, our 75mm figures offer endless possibilities. Each character, be it a brave fighter or a simple villager, is a work of art in itself, waiting to spark your imagination.

Expand your collection and let yourself be enchanted by the variety and attention to detail of our 75mm figures!

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