kategorie-bild: Diorama und Modellbau Zubehör und Deko: Pflanzenset mit Gewächsen, Klee, Efeu, Bäumen, Baumstümpfen, Holz, Farn, Pilzen, Monstera, Elefantenohrpflanze.

Modelmaking & Diorama

Discover our miniature furniture and assets - the perfect place for model building enthusiasts! In the scales 1:18, 1:20, 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:32, 1:35, 1:43, 1:48, 1:50 and 1:64 we offer a wide range of finely detailed miniature assets and terrain pieces, including miniature plants, miniature trees, miniature furniture and interior and exterior furnishings such as benches, dining tables and barrels, as well as miniature city elements such as fences and lanterns. In addition, you will also find military items such as weapons caches, chests, weapons and sandbags.

Each figure is delivered unpainted and with supporting structures.

These are model building or diorama accessories and not toys . Our products are not suitable for children .

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Category Description

Our comprehensive selection of miniature furniture and mini assets for dioramas and model making offers everything you need to build impressive miniature worlds. Here, hobbyists, collectors, diorama builders and model making professionals will find a variety of miniature furnishings and miniature decorations available in scales 1:18, 1:20, 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:32, 1:35, 1:43, 1:48, 1:50 and 1:64.

Our product range includes a wide selection of miniature furniture, miniature terrain pieces and miniature plants, including plant species such as mushrooms, trees and miniature inventory such as benches, barrels, fences, lanterns and military items such as armories, chests, weapons and sandbags.

These finely detailed miniature items are perfect for use in dioramas and model building projects of all kinds. Here are some ideas and examples of how these products can be used in your projects:

Landscaping: Use our miniature plants, miniature trees and fences to create realistic miniature landscapes. Whether you want to create a rural scene, a woodland landscape or an urban setting, these elements add authenticity and depth.
Cities and infrastructure: The miniature lanterns, benches and barrels are ideal for building miniature cities and street scenes. Create lively environments by placing these elements in your streets or parklands.
Military Dioramas: Our armories, chests, weapons and sandbags are perfect for military dioramas or battle scenes. From historical battles to modern war scenarios, these items provide realism and detail.
These versatile products allow you to unleash your creativity and enrich your models or dioramas with meticulous details.

Whether for professional model builders, collectors or hobbyists – our miniature furniture, miniature furnishings and assets are the perfect addition for impressive and realistic scenarios in any desired scale.

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